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 Humko Deewana Kar Gaye

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PostSubject: Humko Deewana Kar Gaye   Humko Deewana Kar Gaye EmptySun May 11, 2008 3:22 am

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me this movie.
Does someone of you watched it?

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye is the story of two people who fall in love despite being engaged but not to each other.

Akshay Kumar plays Aditya, an automobile engineer in a car company, who is as passionate about cars as Shakespeare was about writing. Not only is he an engineer, but also a test driver for the company. A post like that can explain how well he could drive.
Aditya is engaged to Sonia ( Bipasha Basu ), a fashion designer about to make her mark in the field. As individuals, Aditya and Sonia are not on the same wavelength. Sonia is a 21st Century woman for whom career comes first and she believes in changes. And as much as Aditya tries to overlook those facts, they keep coming in the way.
Though the marriage date is fixed, Aditya has to leave for Canada to learn about the technique of a new car model, to be launched in India, while Sonia has to leave for Paris for a fashion show.
Aditya arrives in Canada where his sister Simran ( Bhagyashree ) is living. He meets the family but cannot live with them as the company has given him an apartment close to the workshop. But he makes it a point to meet the family on weekends.
In between work, co-incidence or destiny makes him bump into Jia ( Katrina Kaif ) more than once. Jia, daughter of business tycoon Yashwardhan Birla, has come to Canada all alone to shop for her wedding with the business giant, Karan Raichand ( Salman Khan ).
Jia is a simple girl with simple needs. She has got everything she could ask for in her childhood, but never time from her ever so busy father. And now the man her father has chosen for her hardly has any time to spend with her too.
And that is when she found a friend in Aditya. Aditya and Jia manage to spend time with each other and as time passes, the friendship between them grows. Being an amazing driver, Aditya gets a chance from his company to participate in a car rally. And somehow he persuades Jia to participate with him, and wins it too.
On returning from the destination of the rally, their car gets stuck in the snow and they have to spend the night together. They share intimate moments, which make them forget that they were engaged, but not to each other.
With passing time, they fail to realize when they start falling in love with each other. But a misunderstanding with Aditya and prior commitment with Karan makes Jia go back to India to get married with Karan. Aditya also comes back to India to get married with Sonia and does not attempt to meet Jia ever again.
But fate makes them meet for the last time – at Jia’s wedding.
What happens next? Does Jia marry Karan or Aditya? Do Aditya and Sonia enter into wedlock?
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Humko Deewana Kar Gaye
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