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 Conservative India

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PostSubject: Conservative India   Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:35 pm

Is it really what hindus have to do? Do you think that it is normal? Will India ever develope? Not economically, but mentally? Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Conservative India   Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:31 am

I just gone through the clip. Yeh, it shows the darker side of the community. Such predicament of a part of community has always exists in any society. I see elder people as that community who are usually abandon by their children. In ancient time hindu believed in the concept of abstaining from earthly pleasures (sanyash) and spent time worshiping god during last part of their lives. They used to go on pilgrimage during that time. The scene which has been shown in the clip is one from Kashi I guess. Where elders, if died, believed to achieve salvation. So they used to spent last days in those places. They deliberatly used to leave their home and spent such lives.

Now that was the old concept. In so called modern time such condition is faced by those who are usually abandoned by their families. And not only in hindus but in any community it can be seen. Parents spent their lives caring their wards, fulfilling all the wishes of their children and sacrificing their own lives but when the time comes for their children to bear their responsibility towards their parents, they become mean and leave their parents like this. There was a time when the concept of centralised family was prevailing in India where person of all ages and group felt secured and living happily in closed family. But gradually the concept of nuclear family is getting popular where eveyone prefers to live in small family. In India that culture has influenced from western world. Children migrate to other country leaving their parents on their own. In many case relatives also shows their apathy and that is really something which heart rending.

Still a large chuck of Indian believe to live in closed family. Whatever we achieve in our life, all the success we get. what the use if we can't share the same with our elders and shiblings? The condition changing...getting bad day by day...also it's not the question that who is responsible for these all. The question is , who is going to change it? Who is going to inspire others to stop such practices?...WE..yeh just We can do that. If we can't keep our family in gives other the chance to point us in this way. Development is not materialistic. If we think that our improved mental thoughts or our intelligent justification can justifies our actions towards such practices, then I am sorry to say that our own children too are going treat us the same way....We will reap the same which we will sow.
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Conservative India
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