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 Tourists in the world

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PostSubject: Tourists in the world   Tourists in the world EmptySun Feb 15, 2009 12:24 am

The latest poll of the worldòÀÙs largest tourist agency òÀØExpediaòÀÙ has shown that the attitude towards Russian tourists didnòÀÙt change a bit. As it was before, more than 4000 of the owners of hotels and residence buildings think that Russian travelers are in the very end of the list of preferable guests. This time the tourists were appreciated according to several characteristics: behavior, generosity, willingness to speak local language, neatness, interest towards local cuisine, way of dressing, and some other.

The best tourists, according to the hoteliers, are Japanese, regardless of the fact that they show almost no interest towards the language of the country they are staying in. Instead they are the most polite and quiet among all the travelers. British and Germans, despite of misbehavior and scandalousness are, according to the professionals of hotel business on the second and third places. May be it is because of the fact that they never leave piles of trash or disorder after them. According to the neatness of the rooms, namely Germans, British and Japanese outclassed all other tourists. On the fourth and fifth place in rating are Canadians and Swiss, who do not stand out much. Though, the Canadians turned out to be the favorite tourists in their own country, which is significant òÀÓ usually they behave with greater affability towards the foreigners in the hotels. The same attitude towards their own tourists is shown in Belgium and Switzerland.

Americans, who are on the 11 place, are flagellated for their noisiness and scandalousness, but are lauded for their readiness to taste the local cuisine and efforts to speak using a couple of phrases in the language of the host country.

Italians and Greeks, Turks, Spaniards and Mexicans go one after another, having the places from 14 till 17, mainly because of their miserliness and loudness. Not so much for the òÀÜscandalousnessòÀÝ, as it was stated in rating, rather than for the general raised level of noise. Italians, who are among the first three nations by the scandalousness could be singled out on any beach or in any place, they have the habit of talking over the ends of the beach about the weather, or the mood of their wives (and the reasons for it), not a bit embarrassed by the presence of strangers. However one can envy the optimism of the Italians and their ability to enjoy the life, as well as the willing to share it with the outworld.

The Russians, who have the 18th place in the rating, were considered to be the most generous ones after the Americans and Canadians. ThatòÀÙs strange. Usually, the most known problem of the Russian holiday-makers, after the funeral face expression and lack of language skills, is the unwillingness to pay tips òÀÓ neither to the guides on the excursions, nor to the maids in the òÀÜall-inclusiveòÀÝ hotels. The expressions on the faces of the colleagues of the guides leading the groups of Europeans along the Pompeii when they see the poor-guy who accompanies Russians is the most pitiful. Alas, Russian ordinary tourists, who are in the majority abroad, forget about drivers and guides. Thus, the legends about òÀÜgenerosityòÀÝ should be imputed to the owners of hotels in Courchevel, St. Moritz and Kitzb├╝hel. At that, the latter obviously should not saw the branch they are sitting on - they'd better not go too far.

However, even the generosity of the Russian oligarchs couldnt gain the victory over the rudeness, unwillingness to learn foreign languages, gloominess and piles of trash which are left by many of Russian tourists on vacation. Alas this couldt be otherthrown even by the money.

Curiously enough, the French, according to the score, are even worse than the Russians. Everybody despises them for their unwillingness to learn foreign languages (including English), miserliness, lack of elementary politeness and their scandalousness. Even the ability to dress perfectly and stylishly didnòÀÙt help the French. ThatòÀÙs odd, because the Russians are flagellated for the same demerits on all the resorts, though the generosity which is imputed to the owners of North taiga oil wells, apparently is rather leveling the impressions of our countryman. Though, this could not be said about the French. Lower than those in the rating are only Hindu and Chinese. Though, they didnòÀÙt even get listed among the most niggardly tourists òÀÓ there, together with the French, are Danes and British.

The new holiday season is starting. And the Russian travelers still have the chance to prove to the whole world that we have not only the thickest pipes, but also beautiful smile, sympathetic heart and hands fitted to a proper place, which are perfectly capable of bringing the plastic bottles to the nearest garbage can on the beach. monkey
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Tourists in the world
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